Glenwood Energy has employees on duty during regular business hours to answer your questions or explain billings. If you need assistance, please call, write or visit the office at 5181 College Corner Pike, Oxford, OH 45056.

This section will help you to better understand your bill.  Please note the rate codes and descriptions are listed on the top portion of your statement.  IF YOU HAVE A BALANCE FORWARD AMOUNT THAT IS 60 DAYS OR MORE PAST DUE, YOU WILL RECEIVE A DISCONNECTION NOTICE.  THIS STATEMENT DOES NOT CANCEL THE DISCONNECTION NOTICE. DISCONNECTION PAYMENTS ARE DUE BY THE 15TH.

The BF or Balance Forward is any amount that is carried over from the previous month.
The GS or General Service Rate amount is the usage multiplied by the GSR Rate. This rate is for transportation or pipeline rental to get the gas to your home.
The RD or Riders are the usage multiplied by the following approved assessments:  
UEX Rider $.0304
Tax Adjustment Rider $.2410
PIPP Rider $.0293
Total Riders $.3007

The SC or Service Charge is the monthly amount charged per meter.
The GC or Gas Cost Recovery amount is the usage multiplied by the GCR Rate.  The GCR reflects changes in the cost of natural gas purchased by GEO from its suppliers and transporters.  As the cost of natural gas changes, the GCR reflects the changes and your cost per MCF (thousand cubic feet) is adjusted.  GEO receives no profit from these changes.
The PT or Oxford PUET is the Public Utilities Excise tax on gross receipts.
The MC is the tax paid per unit measure of gas.
The CN or Connection Fee is the start up fee that is charged when a meter is turned on.

If service has been off for more than 30 days, a pressure test of the houseline will be required to ensure that no leaks exist; this must be completed before service can be restored. The cost for this service is $80.00.  This is in addition to the connection fee.

The NET DUE amount is a combination of the services above.  By adding up the debits and credits on the right side of your bill you will get your current monthly charge. If you bill is paid on or before the due date, you pay the NET DUE amount,  if you are paying after the due date you need to pay the PAY AFTER amount.

GEO has payment plans/ options available to assist with a delinquent account, if applicable.
One-Third plan- A plan that requires three equal payments on the arrearages each month in addition to fully payment of the current bill.
One-Sixth plan – A plan that requires six equal payments on the arrearages in addition to fully payment of the current bill.
One-Ninth plan – A plan that requires nine equal monthly payments on the arrearages in addition to a budget payment plan for the projected monthly bills, which will end nine months from the initial payment.  The budget portion of the payments may be adjusted periodically during the nine-month period as needed.
We also offer PIPP – Percentage of Income Payment Plan.   If you need more information about our payment plans please contact us.  

If your account is subject to disconnection and you have a medical problem, please contact us to get a medical certification form.

If a disconnection of service occurs as a result of non payment, the balance in full, a reconnect fee of $50.00 and a security deposit must be paid to have service restored. The security deposit is 30% higher than the average utility bill.  Call us for the total charges due to restore service.

Payment Options:  We accept Visa/Mastercard/ Discover/AmEx. We have automatic bank draft authorization forms available in the office or online HERE, to have your payment taken electronically from your checking or savings account.  You may also pay with cash, check, money order, or bank processing. Our dropbox is outside the entrance gate and is available 24 hrs a day/ 7 days a week.

If you do not understand why you owe an amount or if you think there has been a mistake call us at 513-523-2555 as soon as possible.  If the person you talk to cannot help you, ask to talk to the general manager.  If your complaint is not resolved after you have called Glenwood Energy, you may call the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) for assistance at 1-800-686-7826 (toll free) from eight a.m. – five p.m.  weekdays, or at http://www.PUCO.ohio.gov. Hearing or speech impaired customers may contact PUCO via 7-1-1 (Ohio relay service).
The Ohio consumers' counsel (OCC) represents residential utility customers in matters before the PUCO. The OCC can be contacted at 1-877-742-5622 (toll free) from eight a.m. to five p.m. weekdays, or at http://www.pickocc.org."

Fixed Prices

Residential Monthly Service Charge

Commercial Monthly Service Charge

General Service Rate or GSR



PUET tax on Gross Receipts

Returned Check Fee

Connection Fee

Meter Testing Fee

Stop Payment Fee

Field Collection Fee

Pressure Test Fee

Pilot Light Fee

Tap Fee Single Family/Residential

Tap Fee Multi-Family/Commercial



$3.4600 /MCF

$0.3007 /MCF

$0.0411 /MCF











All of our rates must be approved by both the City of Oxford and The Public Utilities Commision of Ohio (PUCO). You can view our Ordinance, filed with The City of Oxford  HERE.


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